Lisa Loucks-Christenson Photo and Art Collections

Lisa Loucks-Christenson is a #1 multiple award-winning and international bestselling author, illustrator, and photographer of many books and series.

Lisa's a hybrid author (published with big 5 publishers and her own publishing house), illustrator and photographer (her work is published worldwide in books, magazine, news, newspapers, regional television, radios, and other forms of media and advertising); Lisa's also publishes her wildlife art, prints, books, ebooks, for the imprints under various publishers, including her publishing company for products and merchandise, books, art, materials in her stores.

Lisa Loucks Christenson Photo and Art Collections

Lisa Loucks Christenson's photos are published in articles, ads, books, magazines, newspapers, television, and cards worldwide. Her lifetime work is divided into the following collections:

The Lisa Loucks Christenson Signature Collection

The gallery photo above is from a past gallery she designed. The walls feature her wildlife art, photos, watercolors, and oil paintings

Lisa’s Fine Art Portraiture

Pets & Animal Collection

This collection features Lisa's pets, livestock, agriculture, animals

wildlife and animals used in education, zoos, programs, with and without people.

The Lisa Loucks Christenson Wildlife Collection is published through the White Wolf Creek™ brand.

A collection of Lisa’s wildlife photographs, field journals and art associated with her documentaries. Images in this collection are true nature. 100% shot in the wild—as found, without arranging or moving subjects or creating sets for her shots; these are not posed wildlife models, nor were any of these images photographed in a controlled environment like a zoo, educational center, etc. Lisa offers to her collectors true wildlife images, pictures she shot shot wading through grasslands, rivers, bogs, snow while on her documentaries and covering her outdoor beat).

Lisa Loucks Christenson Stock Photo Collection: A collection of Lisa's pictures that she shot over the last 46 years . Her work has appeared on covers, ads, flyers, art cards, magazines, newspapers, news, television and more. Her credits include: IBM, HyVee, Disney, Harcourt, Pearson, HSUS-Kind News, Self Magazine, Esquire, Woman's World and more.

Lisa is both the creator and curator or her collections, images, mixed media, art, books, stock photos. Every photo, piece of art, or art card is hand-selected by Lisa—many are available for the first time. The art and photos she makes available are personally signed by Lisa, and sold for as cards, loose or matted prints, printed and stretched on canvas and are sold for personal use (no commercial use) as reproductions of her lifetime work.

Lisa works with publishers, corporations, vendors and distributors worldwide that license her photos, art, stock photos, columns, articles, collections, exhibits of her work. If you would like to license an image, buy a print, hire Lisa to speak at your event, do a book signing, create educational or corporate materials using her research, license an exhibit for your event please contact Lisa by using the contact form or by phone: (866) 562-5125.