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"Most days I wear camouflage to work. I study and document Minnesota's wildlife; especially creatures I observe in the Minnesota wetlands, sloughs, rivers, meadows, grasslands, sand prairies, and woods. I photograph nature and document life as I discover it. "––Lisa Loucks-Christenson, Wildlife Photographer, Author, Artist, and Bookseller.


I shoot pictures and digitally film life as I find it. I shoot in all weather and through every season. I know, in part, the struggles for survival our Minnesota wildlife experiences in our climate because I've walked alongside them covering their stories through the seasons as flash floods surrounded us; as blinding blizzards hit,  as nice weather turned to storms. I study and document how wildlife species co-exist, the relationships between each other, the ways wildlife alert each other to  another creatures' presence, how the different species play and interact together,  how they outsmart, get caught, and how they sometimes break away or how they can't escape their predators. I study survival and the struggles to live.

I film and document all types of wildlife stories. My visitors at my stores hear about the births, family life, struggles, first year(s) of the offspring, migrations, the lives as I've followed during their existence while here, and sometimes, sadly, their untimely deaths. I believe we all have a story to share, these are mine. 

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