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Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could Set Up Your Back-Office in Minutes, Take It Anywhere You Go, Never Have To Install Anything, And Never Have To Back Up Your Files?

With, the Small Business Solution on the Web, you can relax with a latte while you access your customer lists, invoices, sales reports and more from anywhere with Internet access

Ever wish there were 26 hours in a day? As a small business owner, you have dozens of tasks to juggle and items to keep track of. Time is a precious commodity.

The word “jaya” (jay-ah) means “victory” in Sanskrit. And JAYA123Plus™ is a major victory for the time-starved small business. You can have your whole office on the Web in just minutes.

JAYA123PLUS is a web-based enterprise application that allows you to run your business from anywhere in the world. It handles your invoicing, order entry, inventory, royalty payments, billing, customer management, sales reporting, Live Office Agents, and more.

Everything in JAYA123PLUS has been designed to be as easy as 1-2-3. Enter your company information. Enter your customers. Enter product info. That’s it. You’re up and running.

JAYA123PLUS is not for everyone. If you need to track an international sales force of thousands, carry a huge inventory, or enjoy wrestling with double-entry accounting software, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

But JAYA123PLUS is perfect for your needs if:

  • You’re a typical roll-up-your-sleeves small business owner and you want order-entry, invoicing software you don’t need a PhD to figure out and a bank loan to pay for. With JAYA123PLUS and a simple checkbook-style accounting program, you’re covered.
  • You’re frustrated by software programs that won’t work for you because you don’t “do Windows” and/or you use one of those “other” browsers. JAYA123PLUS is entirely Web-based and compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as all the major browsers and some not-so-major ones. Heck, you can access it from your mobile phone if it’s web-enabled.
  • You’re a publisher or other business that pays ongoing royalties or licensing fees. Unlike most business software, JAYA123PLUS lets you track royalty payments. Not only does it account for royalties, but it lets you figure them three different ways.
  • You operate your business on more than one computer. How much money could you save if you didn’t have to buy separate software licenses for your desktop and laptop? Wouldn’t it be handy if your virtual assistant 3,000 miles away could easily access your back office files?
  • You’ve been known to pound the keyboard in frustration when a program keeps mysteriously crashing because a file is corrupted or you’ve got spyware or Jupiter is in the seventh house. Jaya123 will keep you calm. It’s steady as a rock and it’s on our server, so in the unlikely event there is a problem, it’s our headache, not yours.
  • You feel like just another number when you email tech support and get a canned response, days later, that doesn’t even address your problem. Ask our clients — they’ll tell you we offer outstanding customer support.
  • You need publisher support 
  • You wish you had an extra set of hands to help you enter data, offer call support, take orders
  • You want placement for your book(s) in our bookstores serving international clients

OK, we’ll confess, Jaya123PLUS is probably not for you if you like software with a “pretty” interface and lots of bells and whistles (even if you’ll never use most of them). Jaya is not pretty. We designed it to be “lean and mean” so you don’t have to wait for it to load or save data and so it’s compatible with a wide range of browsers. It’s not fancy, but it works as hard as you do.

As a small business owner, you like to be in charge. And you know the value of being flexible and adaptable. JAYA123PLUS adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

  • JAYA123PLUS lets you create your own invoice numbers. You can invoice customers for onetime orders or recurring subscriptions. You can design invoices for a letterhead or a window envelope, to be used as a packing slip, or to double as a mailing label — especially handy if you ship a lot of products.
  • You can use two business addresses. You can have multiple addresses for each customer. You can print your tax ID on the invoice or not, as you see fit.

Knowing how your business is doing is one of the most critical keys to success. JAYA123PLUS offers a wealth of reports so you can find out instantly:

  • Which customers owe you money, and who’s late in paying
  • Sales by product or sales by customer, filtered by order date, invoice date, shipping date, or payment date
  • Which products account for most of your sales
  • Which customers account for most of your sales
  • How much you owe in royalties or sales commissions
  • How much sales tax you owe
  • How much inventory you have on hand
  • How much customers owe you, and which ones are late in paying
  • And more!

Click the DEMO link on the top-right of this screen to try JAYA123.Plus

The demo version of Jaya is the exact same as the real version, except without any SSL security. WE DO NOT ASK FOR ANY PERSONAL INFO TO TRY THE DEMO! Use it as long as you wish. If you like JAYA123 and believe it is the right system for you just sign up for a subscription starting at the low price of $2995 per month. Subscribing is on a month-to-month basis… no annual contracts required. We’re sure you’ll love JAYA123PLUS, but if it no longer meets your needs, simply cancel your subscription. There is no “buy-in” fee, no minimum term, and no “exit” fee. We’re not your cell-phone company!

Now let’s talk about something we’re all too embarrassed to admit. Anyone with any sense knows you should back up critical business data frequently, even every day. But do you? Unless you have already had the painful experience of hearing a hard drive crash with all your data on it, probably not. Let’s face it, backing up all that stuff is a pain and a distraction from more important business duties. When you use JAYA123PLUS for your office, we back up your data every hour. Yes, every single hour. You can back it up as well, by downloading customer and order data to your computer, but you don’t have to.

Worried about security? Never fear. We’re downright paranoid about security. While no one can ever guarantee 100% security (on and off the Web), your data is stored on a secure server and we have multiple safeguards in place to protect it. And, of course, we have those hourly backups.

If you’re ready to join the large number of business owners who appreciate a back office application that works as hard as they do, give JAYA123PLUS a spin. Click on the “demo” link above.


Lisa Loucks-Christenson

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