Lisa Loucks Christenson Author Statement

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Lisa Loucks Christenson                                  


Most days I wear camouflage to work. I study and document Minnesota's wildlife; especially creatures of found in our wetlands and sloughs, along the rivers.

I photograph nature as I discover it I'm always writing notes, sketching, drawing, painting, or shooting stills or digital films of what I see during my field time visits, or even later, from my photos. 

I love writing books, creating e-books, filming, photographing, writing articles and taking thousands of pictures, painting, drawing art from what I see. I sell my art, cards, paintings, books, e-books, photos, at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art and Silver Lake Books both divisions of Loucks Studios, Inc., my corporation.

 When I'm not in the field, I'm usually working on putting together a book, organizing photos, or working at one of my stores. I speak to audiences of all sizes and share the beauty of God's creation.

I took it literally when I found the words (paraphrasing here), "Follow me and I'll show you things the world can't see." He  really has shown me these things.

I shoot all weather through every season. I know, in part, the struggles for survival our wildlife experiences in our climate because I've walked alongside them, covering their stories as flash floods surrounded us; when blinding blizzards that came out of nowhere froze our movements, sometimes stranding and burying those who don't find shelter––quickly;  I've had to trust angels for safety when a wild animal encounter happened that I wasn't expecting.

I study how wildlife species co-exists, I love learning about their relationships between each other, how they alert each other to other creatures presences, how the different species play and interact together,  how they outsmart or get caught and eaten by their predators, how they escape their prey.

I film and document these kinds of wildlife stories. My visitors at my stores hear all of of the stories as I talk about the births, their family life, their struggles, their first years, their migrations, their lives as I followed  them during their existence while here, and sometimes, sadly, their deaths. I believe we all have a story to share. ––Lisa Loucks Christenson Wildlife Photographer, Author, and Bookseller.