Book Packaging & Stock Photos

Book Packaging by Lisa Loucks Christenson 

Lisa's: art, books, photos, educational materials are available for licensing, worldwide. Lisa creates books and materials for all ages, specializing in developing books for: babies/toddlers and children, young readers, middle grade, young adult books.

Look through Lisa's book collections to locate books about: animals, angels, birds, business, documentaries,  foods, insects, history, mammals, mysteries, nature, science, supernatural, suspense, time travel, travel,westerns and more. 

Lisa offers ready-to-print, downloadable files of her serials, stories, and books.

Lisa's Book Packaging includes: concept to story, writing, editing, design, layout, photos, illustrations, index, TOC and more.

Lisa publishes her work under a variety of imprints, specific to the genre or intended age group, or type of work.  

Contact Lisa to discuss your next project, photo needs, or book publishing project.

• Lisa specializes in wriitng book series and dripped serials    

• The Lisa Loucks Christenson stock photo library is not online. All photos are selected per project, manually

• Lisa's image collections are not listed for sale on any other stock photo agency, her art and photos are exclusive to her publishing company and her clients' projects

• Lisa and her team will work with your editorial department to create a rights-managed image license for non-exclusive or exclusive usage

• All of Lisa’s images and illustrations are Rights-Manged (RM) 

• Lisa shoots stock footage for her stock library and licenses the footage for book trailers that coincide with the stock images , when possible 

• Use our images, illustrations, or licensed art and/or images from outside stock photo agencies.

• Lisa's editorial team will oversee your project start to finish.

Call us today, we're happy to help!  Or use our form below to reach us with your questions .

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Who Are our Clients?
For confidentiality reasons Lisa won't disclose what books or services she's created for others. You can look at her credit list to see some clients.

All the books, series, photos on our site, with the exception of a handful of licensed book covers, are books, covers, and material written, created, designed by Lisa Loucks Christenson (or artists she hired for those few covers, excellent covers too!) that she's created for publishing imprints: Bow Wow Detectives®, Meow Meow Detectives™, Snowy River Press™; White Wolf Creek™, series: Donnie Destin, Faith Like a Song, Robinwood Ridge™, Wolves of Whitewater Falls™, and more.

Every book listed under Lisa's imprints is a book created by Lisa Loucks Christenson and as the creator, she owns the exclusive copyrights to these works. Many of her works she only markets select rights in the USA, many of her ebooks are listed worldwide through outside distributors who sell her work.

Almost every book on this site is available for licensing to other publishers. Lisa offers generous foreign rights, translation rights, movie and dramatic rights, merchandising licenses and more.

When asking for a cover design Lisa can create a cover for you from her work or licensed work from outside stock agencies.

Contact Lisa by calling: (866) 562-5125. 

What We Create:

We don't just create books, serials, stories to license. We will help you establish a line, a brand, a long running series with serials, episodes, novellas (whatever length you require), we custom shoot any images and illustrations needed.

We offer Rights-Managed and exclusive licensing for book covers so your competitors can't (legally) use similar images, or outtakes of our photos and illustrations. We offer Product Placement services (placing your licensed and contracted books of ours) into our network, into our other books, on our materials, and more. Lisa has provided images for 30+ years to publishers worldwide, she knows how to shoot models, scenes, products, animals, food, children, lifestyles. 

What We Offer:

Completed, ready for market books in various genres, fiction or non-fiction, Christian and secular books that are researched, edited, fact-checked, illustrated and/or photographed, designed for use under a grant of use for a completed book to resell, private label for a set period of time, under a grant of use, in various formats, languages, various rights (print and ebook are the most popular), merchandising, and more.  

Lisa Loucks Christenson works with other publishers seeking an opportunity to license her books and/or license rights to books she publishes under her imprints. This site features Lisa's lifetime work, it doesn't promote or publish outside authors. If you have a publishing question for Lisa about HER work or your upcoming project, licensing requests please use the contact form.