Books, Materials, & Stock Photos

Books, Stock Photos, Exhibits by Lisa Loucks Christenson 

Lisa's art, books, photos, educational materials are available for licensing, worldwide. Lisa creates books and materials for all ages, and specializes in developing books for most ages; Christian materials, fiction and non-fiction stories, and her wildlife documentaries, and exhibits. 

Look through Lisa's book collections to locate books about: animals, angels, birds, business, documentaries,  foods, insects, history, mammals, mysteries, nature, science, supernatural, suspense, time travel, travel,westerns and more. 


• All of Lisa’s images and illustrations are Rights-Manged (RM) 

• Lisa shoots stock footage for her stock library and licenses the footage for book trailers that coincide with the stock images , when possible 

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*Lisa Loucks Christenson, her publishing imprints are for her books, illustrations, and exhibits. Lisa writes her own titles, she does not publish outside authors. Please don't submit your work, it won't be acknowledged or returned.  

Lisa Loucks Christenson works with other publishers seeking an opportunity to license her books and/or license rights to books she publishes under her imprints. This site features Lisa's lifetime work, it doesn't promote or publish outside authors. If you have a publishing question for Lisa about her work or your upcoming project, licensing requests please use the contact form.