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Updating I 2018

Christian fiction, family saga, supernatural, angels

International Bestselling Series:

Wolves of Whitewater Falls Series

Released, 3-1, In Search of Spirit Wolf

Released, Story Preview Edition, Wolf Eyes

Earn the Badge Series

Red Brick, Blue Brick: Shadow in the Law of Reflection, Story Preivew Edition

Wa Pu Ta Creek, Minnesota Series:

Hawk of Wa Pu Ta Creek, Story Preview Edition (#1 international best seller; finalist in Harequin®️ Love Inspired®️ Suspense THE SEARCH FOR A KILLER VOICE

All of the above titles are available for worldwide exclusive publishing. Print, electronic, audio, film; worldwide distribution; all languages with heavy USA marketing and branding already in place behind these series. USA and/or worldwide licensing is available for these above market-tested stories, and the ongoing, unpublished, completed episodes and books, some with illustrations.

Wolves of Whitewater Falls has eight books completed, 14 books opens the series, with no end planned. This is a supernatural saga, set in the small ghost town (real ghost town) of Whitewater Falls, Minnesota. Each completed book is 75K+ words, the episodes run 15-20K each. Both tested books hit #1, #2, multiple time, multiple countries, in mystery, suspense, other categories. Illustrated. Was originally written for YA, but was converted to family drama supernatural suspense.

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