Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

                   ARTIST STATEMENT

"Most days I wear camouflage to work." –Lisa Loucks Christenson                                                                                                                                                                                

1/1/2017 Lisa began her 13th year on Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary™                                           

Comments From Viewers of Lisa Loucks Christenson's Exhibits:

Comments Here’s what people are saying about Lisa Loucks Christenson’s work:

"Never quit~the eagles need you!" --Megan SaVallee

"Came back again to see all your projects!" --Shirley Brilla

"Fascinating to see bugs up close, and to read about your adventures. Thanks." -- Ruth /Minneapolis

"I love UR pictures!!" -- Huntley Family/ Woodbury, MN

"The minute I walked into this room at the National Eagle Center and noticed the photos, I thought of you, Lisa. Sure enough, there were your notes describing the scenes in the photos! Wonderful exhibit and information! Thank you!  --Marilyn Ormand /Rochester, MN

"Great & very exciting exhibit" --Vicky--Mpls