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“Most days I wear camouflage to work.”––Lisa Loucks-Christenson, Wildlife Photographer & Filmmaker, Author, Illustrator     



                      Lisa Loucks-Christenson's best-selling supernatural-environment fiction series, WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS™


Lisa Loucks-Christenson licenses her: art, illustrations, comics, photos, exhibits, education materials, recordings, short stories, articles, text/photo packages, films, investigative reports, books and ebooks to her worldwide clientele. Additionally, Lisa’s work is published through her own nature publishing company she uses to publish her art, art cards, exhibits, documentaries, merchandise that is sold exclusively through the Lisa Loucks-Christenson network and the bricks-and-mortar stores that carry her work.


As a photojournalist, I shoot pictures and I film life as I find it. I shoot my photos during all seasons and weather. I know, in part, the struggles for survival of our Minnesota wildlife experiences in our climate because I’ve walked the same path through fields, rivers, woods, meadows; sunny days, tornadoes floods and blizzards; day and night. I walk with the same bears I see in the day at night and meet the same owls, day or night. 

I study and document how wildlife species co-exist and their relationships with each other. I document how wildlife reacts to another creature's presence. I notice and see how the different species play and interact together,  how they out run, out think, outmaneuver each other. I capture my subjects lives in photos, video and digital film. I sketch and illustrate what I observe in my journals all of my experiences, I make note how some animals break away escaping their predators or befriend them. 

I study wildlife behavior; the struggle to survive and the faces who live on and teach me more about their world.

I film and document all types of wildlife stories. My visitors at the bookstores and galleries are educated through my artwork, exhibits, and films about the stories I’ve recorded in field includings: the births, family life, struggles, migrations, and the lives I’ve followed during their existence while here on earth, and sometimes, sadly, their untimely deaths. I believe we all have a story to share. These are mine. 

Non-Fiction: Forthcoming

On Cardinal’s Wings 

Struggling for Existence: What Nature Shared

Walk the Burn

Winter Bugs Exhibit Edition


Children’s Books

Valentine’s Adventures™ (I have two books left to create in this week-day series, and will release these books in 2022, with an exhibit planned).

Museum Monday!

Blustery Tuesday!

Faire Friday!

Stowaway Saturday!

Shipwreck Sunday!

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Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s DON’T EAT BEES! Won two 2020 Royal Dragonfly Awards in the ebook category, one for Best Illustrations and an Honorable mention for Children’s Picture Books Age 6 and older.


Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks Christenson

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DON’T EAT BEES! Dale, the bee-eating German Shepherd, hits pay dirt when he unwittingly snatches up a tasty queen bee, and later, with the guidance of the queen bee’s sister, Dale is offered the deal of a lifetime and beyond if he can promise to stop eating the local bees and raiding their hive—but can the foolhardy dog give up his bee-chasing and bee-eating habits forever and accept his heavenly reward...for all eternity?

Find out in Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s DON’T EAT BEES!, a fictional tale told through 21-pastel illustrations that share the heart of a dog as he learns about friendship, sacrifice, and his heavenly rewards.

In this story, you’ll meet Dale, the authors’ bee-eating German Shepherd, who unflinchingly ate as many bees as he could catch—all through his lifetime. Dale, trained for outdoor field work, for protection, and as Lisa’s companion, inspired this story, as well as the sequel, HEAVEN CAN REST!


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