Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

Scenes, images from the past 12 years of Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary, filmed over a 12 mile stretch of land in the back sloughs, rivers of the Whitewater Valley by National Award-winning Author and Photographer Lisa Loucks Christenson. Animal behavior, eagles, a community of wildlife as witnessed by Lisa through the seasons, blizzards, flash floods, tornadoes, and some of the finest, warmest sunny days has ever Minnesota offered. Licensed Song: Radiant God by Hannah Ford                                                                                                                                                  



"If ever there was an Eagle Lady, her name is Lisa." ––Ron Schara, Host of Minnesota Bound

                                         April 6, 2010

                                        Lisa Loucks Christenson celebrates the end of winter with her camera in hand and Bald Eagles in sight.  Lisa Loucks Christenson    

Lisa Loucks Christenson

"Looking back, I've spent the majority of my life, over 45 years, studying and documenting life through a small rectangle window where I frame up and shoot, in a nanosecond of 
solitude;  the flash
 of inspiration capturing instinct and reality in between the clicks of the shutter.” ––Lisa Loucks Christenson  

As a young child I loved creating my own picture books, nature books, and my personal handwritten illustrated field guides that included every animal or insect I discovered. I learned how to shoot pictures with my parents' Polaroid camera. Back then, film was sold in eight-packs of exposures, black-and-white. When I became a teenager, I started marketing and selling my images, winning awards, a national photo competition, fair ribbons, earned from images I shot on my first camera, a faithful Minolta SRT 201. Next, I bought a movie camera, then another with sound, a Super 8mm. I made some truly silly clay animation movies, several. I think one of them is floating around on an old website that I converted to a .gif on the Internet. I filmed family, my parakeet running in my hamster wheel, a lot of black footage while I learned the cost and loss of shooting in low light. I documented wildlife, insects, flowers, and two horror movies for a high school project for me, and later for some friends. The movies really were not that scary. I used my graduation money to purchase my Nikon F3. 

I’ve been blessed with a lot of interesting jobs. Variety is key to all adventures, right? Who but god knew He was planting a dream when I signed on as a female lumberjack on the vegetation crew for the Minnesota Conservation Corps. I'm not kidding, it was hard work. There are a lot of challenges to face working in a lot of hot weather, climbing goat prairies, stepping in ground hornet nests, or sawing them down (unknowingly). True fact: I was given the opportunity of a lifetime working in most of the state parks in central and SE Minnesota. My experience on this job led to my deeper appreciation for our outdoors and taught me about the importance of preservation of our state lands and parks for the enjoyment of our future generations. It was also a turning point for my life. I made the decision at the end of the season to pursue my outdoor photography as a professional career.  
Only God knew this decision would lead to opening my stock photo agency, photo studio, selling articles, and finally opening my publishing house and wildlife galleries I count my blessings and have truly enjoyed many career changes from working for the Minnesota  Conservation Corps, various newspapers, radio, working as a traveling photographer, working in communications, dispatching, fulfillment and more. After years of selling my stories, articles, stock photos, books, both fiction and non-fiction, writing articles, shooting pictures, filming what I observe in the wild. I thank god every day for the blessings He has given me, allowing me the opportunity to live my dreams: photograph His world; writing, illustrating, selling my art, cards, paintings, books, e-books, photos, and sharing my work through exhibits and speaking engagements.  
I photograph nature as I discover it. I don't arrange my documentary shots,I don't even claim them as wildlife pics if they were shot in captivity or arranged situation. Of course I still write and shoot about zoos, captive animals, rehabilitation centers, nature centers, but if my shot is wildlife, it was shot in the wild. My wildlife pictures are true scenes, pictures of subjects or what I found. 

Being a wildlife photograph is a wonderful career, but my job isn't just taking pretty pictures. Just like the gig working for the MCC, It's a lot of hard work breaking through 6-10 foot Canary grass, stinging nettles, broken flood brush, tripping, sliding, falling, stepping into bogs, quicksand, getting stung or bit by every kind of insect, a few snakes, avoiding animal big animal attacks and bites, staying dry and warm, and keeping equipment moving in -40 and colder temps. I've even worked outside when the temps hit -70s with wind chill, and to 116+ degrees with the heat index, staying ahead of the flash floods, severe thunderstorms and I won't even mention my thoughts on driving in the back roads on winter roads.

I've been studying the eagles for years, and just started year 13 on 1/1/17. I've put together books, journals, photos, and films for each year of my documentary, but won't release the books until a future date. The eagles have been written about through the bible, and I've enjoyed documenting their lives.  
I shoot during all weather conditions; every season. I know, in part, the struggles for survival our wildlife experience; I know because I've spent my life covering their stories as a silent witness. I've been there dodging the same flash floods that surrounded us; I found my way out of blinding blizzards that come out of nowhere – stranding and burying those who don't find shelter – quickly; I've spent years observing wild animals, how they interact, how they bond, how they build, how they rebuild, how they escape attack, or die trying.  
One of my biggest and favorite documentaries is still in progress: Struggling for Existence. Far and above all my other work, this is the most important piece from myself to the world. It covers all the lives I've observed. I document the births, the struggles, the very experience of what existence means. That said, it's impossible to avoid the more often than not: violent struggle to survive that ends in deaths.

I film and document the stories I find. I speak and educate others about their births, family life, the struggles, their journeys, their migrations, their lives as I witnessed them—their true existence while they were here.  
I believe we all have a story to share. See you on the journey. ––Lisa Loucks Christenson. 

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Lisa presenting Charlie Daniels the portrait of the eagle she named Daniels Charlie in honor of the country legend. 

Lisa Loucks Christenson 

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                                           Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary 2005-present



Daedee and Dancer

YEAR ONE: 2005

 The Eagle Nest                        Coffee Bar & Cafe                   

  Daedee and Dancer

    YEAR TWO: 2006

Epiphany Season

  Daedee and Dancer

   YEAR THREE: 2007    Calling all Scribes

       Daedee and Dancer

       YEAR FOUR: 2008 

    Snow Falling on Eagles


Daedee and Dancer

    YEAR FIVE: 2009    Gifts from our Eagles


Daedee and Dancer

YEAR SIX: 2010           

  Exodus 19:4

"For I have lifted you on eagles wings and brought you to me..."




       Daedee and Dancer

        YEAR SEVEN: 2011

             I Flew Broken

   Daedee and Dancer

   YEAR EIGHT: 2012


   Affinity for Infinity

    Daedee and Dancer

YEAR NINE: 2013  

   Eagle Against Sky       

         Daedee and Dancer

         YEAR TEN: 2014

    Legend of the Sun Dogs

  Daedee and Dancer


Daughters on Dancer's Skies

   Daedee and Dancer


         Tipping Point

Daedee and Dancer



Ties that Bind