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  Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary

As seen on television, news, books, newspapers, and exhibits

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary books are not, yet, released to the public, except through Lisa's art, exhibits, and lectures. Lisas bald eagle books were held back to protect the nest sites and eagles. Lisa will release them in the near future. 

What is Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary? The thirteen years Lisa covered the lives of eagle in the Whitewater Valley. Scenes, images filmed and shot in the back sloughs, rivers, while the eagles mated, nested, raised their offspring as seen and experienced by National Award-winning Author and Photographer Lisa Loucks Christenson. 

Lisa's Bald Eagle Documentary isn't just about eagles . . . it's about the people she met, animal behavior, bird life, more eagles, the community of wildlife as witnessed by Lisa through all the seasons, through all weather including the blizzards, winter storms, flash floods, tornadoes, and some of the finest sunny days ever experienced.                                                                                                                                      



"If ever there was an Eagle Lady, her name is Lisa."––Ron Schara, Host of Minnesota Bound

                                         April 6, 2010

Lisa Loucks Christenson celebrates the end of winter with her camera in hand and Bald Eagles in sight.  Lisa Loucks Christenson    

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